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About Sikkim Amateur Mountaineering Association(SAMA)

Aims & Objective :

To inculcate leadership qualities among the youths.

To create communal harmony in the areas they belong, inculcate the spirit of adventure in the youths. Create environmental awareness in the youth.

Create job opportunities through adventure.

Organize state, national and international trekking camps/ major expeditions.

Organize international youth exchange programs & mountaineering through various interested organizations.

A helping hand during natural calamities both within and outside state, promotes mountaineering and adventure activities in the state.

Work as liaison officer for all major expeditions and trekking in state of Sikkim and outside the state (IMF expedition).

Provide trek experienced guides and high altitude pathfinder for travels agents and tourism both within and outside state.

Setting up a reading room library and information center for important information in various fields.

Executive Members

  • Kunzang Gyatso (President)
    • President
      Name : Kunzang Gyatso
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Deepak Chhetri (Vice President)
    • Vice President
      Name : Deepak Chhetri
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Barap Namgyal (General Secretary)
    • General Secretary
      Name : Barap Namgyal
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Sagar Rai (Treasurer)
    • Treasurer
      Name : Sagar Rai
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Manoj Chettri (Publicity Officer)
    • Publicity Officer
      Name : Manoj Chettri
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Dr. Julie Ann Clyma (Publicity Advisor)
    • Publicity Advisor
      Name : Dr. Julie Ann Clyma (New Zealand)
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Palden Sherpa (Joint Secretary)
    • Joint Secretary
      Name : Palden Sherpa
      Profile : Executive Member
  • B.R. Gurung (Office Secretary)
    • Office Secretary
      Name : B.R. Gurung
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Bhaichung Tamang (Office Secretary)
    • Office Secretary
      Name : Bhaichung Tamang
      Profile : Executive Member
  • Sonam G. Bhutia (Office Secretary)
    • Office Secretary
      Name : Sonam G. Bhutia
      Profile : Executive Member
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